As of today, I offically ordered 2 copies of the game to proof before publishing the game on The Game Crafter website. I don’t have any pictures to show… yet. The estimated shipment date is around June 16th. I’ll take pictures of the printed version and share them here as soon I can.

I ordered 2 copies for the sake of play testing and changing the numbers of each type of card in the deck to balance out the gameplay. Once we get through that step and the final numbers, the game will be 100% complete.

Originally, I had planned to put the project up on kickstarter but I’ve decided against it. It’s not worth the hassle in the end. I’d much rather just put it up and let it do what it does.

I had a concern about the headers on the cards. I wasn’t happy with the font, it made the card too uniform. So, I started searching for a more solid font that was similar in theme to the rest of the card. Took a while but I settled on one. Here’s the new and as far as I can tell (hopefully) final artwork for the layout/content of the cards.