I just realized that I never posted a blog about my goals for 2015. I often find I neglect my blog but the good news is that I have actually been pretty busy working on projects for this year!

Party Clash: Card Game
I’ve been hard at work on this during my breaks at work for the last year. Weirdly it’s one of the only times I can actually focus on design aspects of that nature. Currently, the game is playable and I’ve started to privately play test and tweak/fix problems.

The design will be 100% finished within the next couple months and then it’s just a matter of planning out a Kickstarter to either hire and artist for the cards and/or to use as an announcement to share the game with the world.

I’m going to start a blog series about the development of the game in the off chance that people are interested in that type of thing.

I’ve wanted to do one for a couple years but I never really knew what I wanted to focus on. Over the last year or so I’ve taken a huge interest in game live streaming which is a fantastic expansion from youtube creators. So my plans are to start something that focuses on streaming culture.

I really want to get back into comics. I have finished writing Civilian – Issue 3 but haven’t dabbled too much with anything else. It’s an expensive hobby, sadly. We’ll see how things go. I’d like to relaunch Civ as well as launch some other hero books in the same universe. Maybe I’ll see about a Kickstarter later in the year for this as well.

Back in December I finally bought a nice recording microphone and put up a video. It had been 13 months since my last one. My goal is to put up at least 3-4 more this year. Not a huge priority for me but I’d like to be a little more consistent with uploads.

Ah, the reason that I can’t afford comics or much of anything. I’ve been trying to save for school. I’m still not 100% if I’m going to go but I want to be ready for Fall incase I buckle down and decide to give it a try. I turned 27 in December, I’ve been putting it off for a while…

That’s pretty much the road map for the next year or so. It’s a lot to take on but I only seem productive if I’m mad or under pressure of some kind.


Time to time I do artwork for different streamers. Overlays, logos, basically full page layouts for them. This current logo is for the streamer http://twitch.tv/briezyheart who plays World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and other games. It’s turning out fairly well so far. Still a lot to do on the rest of the package though.

Hey blog, been a while. Almost seven months, actually.

I figured it was time for a bit of an update on what’s up with me and I’m happy to report that things are actually decent. Summer is always a busy and expensive time. It often makes me wonder how I’d handle living somewhere warm year round. Would I still find nine months of the year to work on projects or would I start taking advantage of the fact that I could be outside any time that I want to be?

Anyway, I may have been MIA from the blog and a lot of my regular internet haunts but I’ve been fairly productive when it comes to projects. I’ve finished designs on a card game system which is the bulk of the work on the project and I’m currently making concept art for the prototype. It should be “playable” for testing around the end of November and finalized by the end of December. I’m pretty excited about it, it has been bouncing around my head for the last year. I’ll talk about it more in a couple weeks once I buy the domain I need and build a placeholder website for it!

I managed to win/save enough money over the summer to buy a Macbook Pro. This is the largest purchase I’ve needed to make in a while and took a long time to save but I did it. The new computer opens up the world of Recording/Editing/Mixing for podcasts and covers/original music for youtube. Since this is my most successful avenue to date, I’ve wanted to up the quality of my content there for a long time. I wasn’t able to do that on my old laptop. So, I’ve also been dabbing a little more in recording lately and hope to launch a bunch of new content there.

More good news is that I pretty much have everything I’ve wanted/needed to work on projects, which frees me up to start actually saving and putting more money into projects both new and old. I’ve been trying to save up a hefty sum of money to either go to school for a year or move to somewhere to trying and break into film. I plan to relaunch Civilian soon as well.

And that’s where I’m at. Updates soon!