I had a concern about the headers on the cards. I wasn’t happy with the font, it made the card too uniform. So, I started searching for a more solid font that was similar in theme to the rest of the card. Took a while but I settled on one. Here’s the new and as far as I can tell (hopefully) final artwork for the layout/content of the cards.


A couple more updates in the development of my card game. I’ve resettled on the name “Oh No, Zambies!” since the title “Zambies” was already taken. I was debating changing zambies out completely but it’s not an original name but rather a slang term in the gaming community and meshes well with the tone of the game so I’m going to keep it in.

Here is the 99% finished artwork for the cards in the deck:


Watch and Learn:

Here’s a list of places from around the internet where you can observe people playing various kinds of tabletop games. Watch and listen to what they do. Look for strength, weaknesses, and needs of different games!

[Videos] Geek & Sundry: Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop – Playlist
[Videos] Game Grumps: Table Flip – Playlist
[Video] Node: Call of the Wild – D&D MOVIE

[Podcasts] Nerdy Show: Dungeons & Doritos
[Podcasts] D&D: Acquisitions Inc.

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I want to stay open about the whole process of the design phase. So, I’m going to be uploading artwork as I complete it. Also, I need to change the name “Zambies” to something else. Despite it not showing up in a Google search, it turns out there is an relativly unknown game called Zambies. So back to coming up with ideas for names.

Here’s the first completed card: This is the raw design, with bleed and slug areas. The cards will be a slight white border.